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Asset Monitoring with Google Cloud Platform

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Asset tracking is a not unusual use case for IoT answers. When an organization has high-value property that may be out of place or stolen, it best is sensible to connect fairly low-value IoT gadgets to them to trace their each and every transfer. On this article, we’ll evaluation a hypothetical IoT drawback and the way we at Leverege would use GCP to create an answer.

The Downside

Consider a fictitious bicycle condominium corporate referred to as Pedal Energy within the picturesque seaside neighborhood of Ocean Town, USA. Up to now, Gary (the landlord of Pedal Energy) has requested his shoppers to depart a motive force’s license with him at his boardwalk condominium hut to make sure that they’re going to go back along with his (pricey) bicycles. The general public go back their motorcycles on time and pay the condominium charge with out incident, however the few occasions that Gary has been burned by means of renters who by no means go back have in point of fact put a dent in his final analysis. As well as, the city of Ocean Town has made up our minds to create a motorbike loose zone on the finish of the boardwalk and can superb Gary any time considered one of his shoppers are stuck within the no motorbike zone. Gary warns his shoppers about this new regulation, however some nonetheless cross into the no motorbike zone and by the point he receives a superb within the mail, the ones shoppers are lengthy long gone.

The Answer

Uninterested with the established order, Gary involves Leverege for assist. In session with Leverege, Gary considers a number of fashions of GPS enabled tracking gadgets to outfit on his motorcycles. In accordance with ease on set up and community availability, Gary makes a decision to outfit all of his motorcycles with a battery-powered rechargeable tracker that makes use of cell backhaul.


Step one to getting Gary’s tracker knowledge into GCP is ingestion. Leverege writes an ingestion server that runs on GCP’s Kubernetes Engine, which is an especially scalable and cost-effective computing infrastructure that may permit Gary to pay for best the computing energy he wishes however permit him to scale to an especially excessive quantity of instrument messages in case his trade is going regional or nationwide someday.

The ingestion carrier will merely pay attention for instrument messages to come back in over a normal HTTP REST interface and can be sure that best whitelisted gadgets are in a position to have their knowledge processed. Tool messages will then be unpacked and put on a default queue for processing the use of Google Pub Sub. Pub Sub is a message queueing carrier that may deal with extraordinarily excessive volumes of messages and is constructed to be fault-tolerant. If a part of the cloud carrier that Leverege has created for processing and storing messages is briefly unavailable, messages will stay of their queue and gained’t be misplaced. Pub Sub additionally permits more than one products and services to answer occasions put on a unmarried queue, which is terribly essential in relation to message routing.

Message Routing

Each and every instrument kind in an IoT device can have separate knowledge routing wishes. Consider a device with one at a time reporting temperature and power sensors which can be tracking some business processes. We might wish to retailer the knowledge from each instrument sorts, however temperature knowledge can have particular routing wishes that power sensors don’t. Possibly we wish to test the worth of each and every studying from a temperature sensor to make sure that it isn’t above a undeniable threshold and cause alert if that is so. We can wish to direction the knowledge for that instrument kind to split processes from the knowledge of a power sensor. Because of this, we create predefined message routes in step with instrument kind which include the names of Pub Sub subjects and any choices that wish to be handed along the knowledge. Message routes can run in parallel or serially.

Relating to Gary’s motorbike condominium store, we lately have just one instrument kind so all knowledge for the program will apply a unmarried direction.


The most obvious factor to do at this level is to retailer our knowledge. We wish a competent, speedy solution to retailer all of Gary’s most up-to-date knowledge in order that viewing the site of all of his remarkable leases on a map is a breeze. For this, we select Google’s Firebase Database which is a straightforward however tough key-value retailer this is lightning speedy. At any given time, the latest state of Gary’s gadgets will likely be retailer in Firebase, giving us a are living view of his motorbike places. Firebase’s listening functions can even let us get speedy updates the second one that considered one of Gary’s motorcycles adjustments place.

As well as, we wish a long run historic view of information from each and every of Gary’s gadgets in order that we will be able to have an audit path of the place each and every of his motorcycles have been at any given time. For this, we use Google’s Giant Question, which is a SQL-based large knowledge platform. With Giant Question, we will be able to retailer years’ value of information from Gary’s sensors and question it in seconds.

We create two easy knowledge writing products and services and upload them to Kubernetes Engine and direction all of Gary’s knowledge to each products and services to be written because it arrives.

Additional Processing

At this level, we’ve ingested sensor knowledge and saved it. With a bit extra paintings on a internet app, we’ve the whole lot in position to retailer and examine all of Gary’s motorcycles on a map and to understand precisely the place they’re at any given time. That is nice, but it surely’s early August and Gary could be very busy renting motorcycles. He doesn’t wish to spend all of his time looking at a map display screen hoping that his shoppers haven’t pushed into the no motorbike zone or absconded altogether along with his apparatus.

To resolve those issues, we will be able to direction Gary’s knowledge to a 3rd supply, Google Cloud Purposes. Cloud Purposes are a easy, scalable, purposes as a carrier resolution. They are going to permit Gary to pay for only some serve as invocations at his present scale however depart open the potential for thousands and thousands of parallel serve as invocations from hundreds of gadgets at scale. Cloud Purposes can also be brought on by means of a easy HTTP request or, as on this case, can pay attention to a Pub Sub matter.

The engineers at Leverege paintings with Gary to expand “geofences” or spaces on a map that may be recognized by means of their latitude and longitude barriers. They invent one geofence across the the town’s no cycling zone and create a 2nd geofence which is a 20-mile circle surrounding the motorbike hut. Additionally they write a Cloud Serve as which tests each and every instrument message to peer if the instrument’s place both falls within the no motorbike zone or out of doors the 20-mile perimeter and sends Gary textual content and e mail indicators right away so he can take suitable and well timed motion. Moreover, Gary has selected a tool that measures and transmits the instrument’s speed, so he additionally receives indicators for motorcycles transferring over a undeniable velocity (possibly as a result of they’ve been positioned inside of a car and pushed away).


The use of Google Cloud Platform, Leverege used to be in a position to create a rock-solid and scalable method to meet Gary’s wishes. For the reason that resolution runs on GCP, it robotically will get all of Google’s newest safety and function updates and has superb uptime. Gary can now make sure that he’ll now not be caught paying the invoice when considered one of his shoppers wanders into the no motorbike zone and he can alert the native government once he suspects that considered one of his motorcycles has long gone lacking.

He has already begun to believe a improve that may permit him to ship audio messages to all of his motorcycles when it’s nearing last time. He’s additionally operating with Leverege to expand a device finding out set of rules the use of Google Cloud AutoML to check out to estimate how for much longer a buyer could have their motorbike out for condominium in line with their trend of riding conduct. This will likely assist Gary successfully resolve what number of motorcycles he wishes in his stock and provides estimates to shoppers who’re looking forward to a motorbike.

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